Who Buys The Block Houses?

Who Buys The Block Houses?

Danny Wallis

In the second season of the hit show 'The Block' IT entrepreneur Danny Wallis has made headlines for purchasing three houses for $4 million. Despite not fully inspecting the houses Wallis bid on all five ultimately winning three of them. In the process he has spent more than $12 million on five houses a record for one show. However there are a few things you should know before bidding.

HGTV's Rock the Block

The HGTV show 'Rock the Block' features home renovation stars competing against each other to add value to identical properties in Los Angeles. Each contestant has four weeks to complete the project and competes for cash prizes. They'll be able to earn up to $1 million for their efforts. If you're looking for an entertaining way to pass the time check out the show's YouTube channel. This reality show is not for everyone.

Buying a block house

A block house is a subspecies of a lining. The front surface of a block house is often made to look like a rounded log. Block houses are natural but they're not fireproof. They may also have wormholes knots and other defects. Purchasing a block house in its raw state isn't a good idea as it will require regular updating.

Buying a home in Melbourne

If you are planning on buying a block house in Melbourne you may be able to find many options at a discounted price compared to building your own. While you should have a pre-approval loan and pre-selected a property that fits your budget you can also opt for a buyer's advocate. A buyer's advocate will help you find a suitable property for you and handle all the legal paperwork. To find a buyer's advocate simply visit the website of the Law Institute of Victoria.

Buying a home in South Carolina

When buying a home in South Carolina there are several things to consider. The number of bedrooms the amount of maintenance and floor plan are all things to consider. In addition a home inspection may be beneficial in evaluating the condition of the home. As a Sellers Market South Carolina home sales are highly competitive. It may be advantageous to renegotiate the terms of the contract after the inspection.

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