Are Writers In High Demand?

Are Writers In High Demand?

Job growth of writers

Currently, the demand for content writers and editors has been growing steadily. Content writers may also be bloggers or journalists covering current events. Job growth in these fields is expected to continue to increase. In the coming years, 500 thousand more jobs are expected to be created for content creators. There are a few factors that could make this job a great fit for you. Listed below are some of the major factors that will influence job growth for writers in high demand.

Pay rates

Many writers earn an hourly wage and some even earn more than that. The average writer earns approximately $17 an hour, but many writers earn much more. Some states have increased the minimum wage to nine dollars an hour, while others will soon follow suit. The minimum wage varies by location, so check with your local area to determine your exact pay rate. However, if you have experience and are skilled in a specific subject area, you can easily double or triple that amount.

Niche to own

One of the most profitable industries to write for is the finance industry. Companies in this industry rely on written content to attract customers and increase sales. As a result, they are always on the lookout for writers. Writing in this industry can yield excellent profits for freelance writers, thanks to sponsored posts and affiliate links. Writing in this niche involves creating simple yet actionable content. It is a highly competitive niche, but one with high demand and good profit potential.

Training needed

Getting formal writing training is an excellent way to increase your marketability and improve your skills. If you have a particular skill, such as technical writing, a formal education can give you an edge over others. But if you already have talent, formal training may not be necessary. Rather, it will give you contacts and a competitive edge in the writing world. However, there is a cost associated with this path.

Earning potential

While there are several factors that determine the earning potential of a freelance writer, one of the biggest factors is subject matter. As a rule of thumb, writers earning more money are those who write about tough topics. This means that writing about a high-tech gadget or a complex medical topic is a surefire path to greater pay. Additionally, writers must be willing to invest in marketing. Those without websites may have trouble impressing potential clients.

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