Alternatives To Buying Blog Articles

Alternatives To Buying Blog Articles

Cost of buying blog articles

The cost of buying blog articles may be an issue for you especially if your budget is modest. While it can be tempting to opt for the cheapest option be aware that the articles will probably contain flaws. Usually, the articles will be written by writers with limited knowledge of English who spin and steal content and who pump out bland unoriginal content. For this reason the cost of buying blog articles is a good idea only for those who can afford to pay top dollar for great-quality content.

To decide the cost of buying blog articles you need to decide how much your blog is worth. You can determine this by considering the type of blog you have. You can choose to hire a freelance writer who charges per article per word or by the project. However you should take a look at the writers' previous work before you make a final decision. You can also commission a blog post if you have a tight budget.

Alternatives to content mills

Many business owners and content marketers use content mills to get fast content for a very low price. Many pay writers as little as two cents a word for content. Content mills are an attractive option because they can help you get high-quality articles that rank in Google. However you need to know that not all content mills are created equal. Below are some alternatives to content mills. Read on to learn about the disadvantages of each type.

Verblio: Another content mill this company focuses on monthly plans and allows customers to specify the amount of articles they want and the length. Some articles on Verblio are short and have links to low-quality blog posts. These writers might also have worked as link-builders and may not have been knowledgeable about your niche. However you can choose the number of articles you want and the topics you want to cover.

Ways to find professional writers

One of the most common ways to find professional writers for blog articles is to ask them to write a sample blog article for you and then pay them a small fee for the post. A sample blog article is an upcoming post and should be written in a reasonable amount of time so that you can gauge the writer's abilities and rate their work accordingly. Regardless of whether you are paying for the sample article or not it's still a good idea to check references for writing quality. is a website where freelance writers post their portfolios resumes and profiles. These sites then match you with a writer based on your specific project. To get started simply post your project on the website of the company hosting the listing and a writer will reply. If the two of you are compatible it is time to begin the hiring process. Here are some of the ways to find freelance writers:

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